Real stories

Real stories

Have you influenced a loved one to get checked early? Or did you get checked early and now live a full life? We'd love to hear from you – your story could encourage someone else to visit their GP practice or take part in screening.

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  • Rona and Makala

    Makala Francis has hailed mum Rona Passmore as her survivor, ten years on from Rona’s recovery from ovarian cancer.

    Read Story about Rona and Makala
  • Cath Johnstone

    Cath Johnstone was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2018 after visiting her GP with concerns about an inverted nipple.

    Read Story about Cath Johnstone
  • Helen and David

    Helen Westwood has spoken about what husband David’s cancer survival has meant to her in a bid to change the way the disease is viewed. 

    Read Story about Helen and David
  • Alison Daly

    Alison Daly was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer in August 2015 after visiting her GP concerned about a lump she felt in her breast.

    Read Story about Alison Daly
  • Arnott and Jean

    Arnott Wilson, 64, who has been married to Jean for 42 years, has spoken about what his wife’s survival meant to him. 

    Read Story about Arnott and Jean
  • Joe and John

    John Crofts finds himself saying a silent prayer of thanks every April, as the family mark son Joe’s ‘lung-iversary’ – eight years on from Joe’s...

    Read Story about Joe and John
  • William Laidlaw

    William Laidlaw, 63 from Govan, was diagnosed with lung cancer in January 2017 after going to see his GP with a tickly cough he’d had for a while.

    Read Story about William Laidlaw
  • Robert Hay

    Robert Hay, who survived a prostate cancer diagnosis, is backing the latest Detect Cancer Early campaign and sharing his story in a bid to help...

    Read Robert's Story about Robert Hay
  • Sylvia and Jim

    Jim MacLeod has spoken about how he couldn’t imagine life without wife Sylvia, two years after she was given the all clear after treatment for...

    Read Story about Sylvia and Jim
  • Lynda and Gary

    Lynda Dobinson was diagnosed with bowel cancer in August 2018 after completing her routine bowel screening test, and has made a full recovery after...

    Read Story about Lynda and Gary
  • Bill Culbard

    In February 2000 we had a friend staying with us for a week from California. She was a nurse and noticed that I had a really bad wheeze at night. I...

    Read Bill's story about Bill Culbard
  • Thomas Small

    Thomas Small, 23 from Airdrie, refers to mother Christine as the ‘centre of the family’ and is so thankful that she attended her breast screening...

    Read Story about Thomas Small
  • Lisa Maher

    Lisa Maher, 30, from Glasgow, was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2011 after attending a routine cervical screening appointment.

    Read Story about Lisa Maher
  • Brian Gemmell

    Father of two Brian Gemmell, 53, from East Kilbride was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2014 after seeing his GP with concerns about swelling of his...

    Read Story about Brian Gemmell
  • Daniel McLaughlin

    Daniel McLaughlin, 75 from Drumchapel, was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2016 after undergoing treatment for a tumour that was found in his mouth.

    Read Story about Daniel McLaughlin
  • Jane Grant

    Jane Grant, 54 from Wishaw, was diagnosed with lung cancer in September 2012 after failing to respond to treatment for rheumatoid pain. When the...

    Read Story about Jane Grant
  • John MacKenzie

    John MacKenzie, 71, from Crieff was diagnosed with lung cancer in February 2011 after being sent for an x-ray by his GP.

    Read Story about John MacKenzie
  • Colin Thompson

    Colin, 61, was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2013. He said: I’d been peeing a bit more than normal but I just put it down to the cold weather...

    Read story about Colin Thompson
  • Ruth Dalgleish

    Ruth Dalgleish, 63, was diagnosed with lung cancer in October 2014 after becoming concerned when she coughed and noticed blood on her tissue.

    Read Story about Ruth Dalgleish

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