Paul McCaffery

Paul's story

Paul McCaffery was diagnosed with testicular cancer in January 2015 after noticing a heaviness and pain in his groin whilst out running. When he got the flu in December 2014 the pain got worse due to swelling in his glands. He looked up the Cahonas Scotland website to get advice on how to check himself and found a lump whilst in the bath. 

Paul made an appointment with his GP practice and was referred to urology where he had an ultrasound and was told surgery was needed to remove the lump. At that stage Paul prepared for the fact it could be cancer, but it wasn’t until after his surgery that the diagnosis was confirmed. 

He then underwent two cycles of chemotherapy in the April, finishing treatment in May. 

Two years post recovery Paul and his wife started trying to grow their family, with concerns over Paul’s fertility front of mind.  At the point of going for IVF, Paul’s wife became pregnant and they are parents to their son and now four year old girl.

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