Liz's story

Liz Clark, 65, was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2013 at the age of 57 after visiting her GP about a persistent cough.

Following her diagnosis, she underwent surgery to have the tumour removed where surgeons made the decision to remove her entire lung due to the tumour’s position.  As a result, no further treatment was required, and Liz was fully discharged two years ago. 

The grandmother of four is now determined to live life to the full, after being given what she describes as a ‘second chance’.

Liz said:

“I had a really bad cough for around a month that wasn’t going away and I went to see my GP who prescribed me antibiotics in case it was a chest infection. After the second course didn’t work, I was sent for a chest x-ray that showed an abnormality.

“Hearing I had a suspected malignant tumour in my right lung was like being kicked in the stomach. I had no other symptoms and generally felt well, so when the biopsies were being taken to determine my diagnosis, I was in complete denial that it could be something as serious as cancer.

“Surgery was major and it took a while to adjust to the impact that had on my life, including having to retire early.  But the cancer hadn’t spread, and as the entire lung was removed, I didn’t need to have any subsequent treatment, allowing me to focus on my recovery.

“Receiving a cancer diagnosis and going through surgery was a big thing for me to deal with. But I now feel like I’ve come out the other end of it.

"I’ve been given a second chance at life, thanks to my cancer being found when it was. Like everyone else, life has been on hold due to the pandemic, but I can’t wait to get back to travelling once things are less restricted. I’m going to grab every opportunity.

“If you’re worried, my advice would be to get checked. It’s likely to be nothing, but if it is something, there’s more that can be done if it’s found early. I’m no longer even in remission, I’m essentially cured and that is a huge thing.”

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