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More people are surviving cancer than ever before and getting checked early is playing a big part

Why earlier is better

Getting checked early is one of the main reasons why more people are surviving cancer. That’s why it’s so important to know the signs and symptoms to look out for, and to see your GP practice if you’re concerned about any unusual changes to your body. It's probably nothing serious, but it's best to get checked. It's also important to take part in screening when invited too - it can often find cancer early before it can be seen or felt.

Common signs and symptoms

Do you know the common signs and symptoms to be aware of when it comes to cancer? Use our symptom checker to find out.

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Survivor stories

Helen Westwood has spoken about what husband David’s cancer survival has meant to her
More people are surviving cancer than ever before and getting checked early plays a big part.
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Breast cancer

Breast cancer remains the most common cancer in Scottish women but you’re five times more likely to survive it if it’s caught in its earliest stage.​

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Lung cancer

Lung cancer is the most common cancer in Scotland but the good news is, more people than ever in Scotland are surviving the disease.

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Bowel cancer

Bowel cancer is the third most common cancer in Scotland. But when it's found early, it can often be cured. In fact, 9 out of 10 people beat it. ​

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Don't get scared, get checked.

Remember, the earlier cancer is found, the easier it is to treat.